About us

We are experts in cognition and behavior. Our scientific background is Cognitive Neuroscience, distinguishing us from other assessment providers in the market.

The evidence-base is >30 years of R&D and practical application. The science originates from realizing that important parts of cognition and dynamic behavior can not be explained by personality or logic/intelligence test. And that the frontal lobe and the so called executive functions and abilities are central to a persons functioning.

We focus on cognitive function, talent, ability and potential!
Our mission is to help individuals and companies to sharper and more insightful job- and life-related selections and decisions.

Our experts


Christine Bedinger

  • EXPERT in cognition, cognitive testing & test development
  • Lic Psychologist
  • Spec. Neuropsychology

Predrag Petrovic

  • EXPERT in Cognition & behavior
  • Scientist, Cognitive Neuroscience, Karolinska Institutet
  • MD. PhD
  • Psychiatrist

John Axelsson

  • Professor in Cognition & Sleep
  • PhD

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